Benefits of TBC to Nigerians and people all over the world

Dear valued Members,

We have talked so much about TBC and we still getting messages and questions as regards the benefits of TBC.  Some of us who already have The Billion Coin may actually be surprised to hear this,  but the fact is that,  there are so many people out there who just want to understand TBC in plain language and that is exactly what we are going to explain in this article in bullet 👉  points below:

TBC is actually money 💰 like Naira,  Dollar,  Pounds, Euro.  The only difference is that you can not hold it in your hand like you hold other monies.  That is why it is called cryptocurrency which means computer money.

Secondly,  as you already know,  you use money to buy things in the market,  exchange as payment for goods and services,  so also is The Billion Coin (TBC).

Thirdly,  TBC appreciates in value of about 3% to 5% everyday.  This means that if you buy 100,000 worth of TBC within 24hrs , you can use that TBC to buy something worth over 100,000 . This is quite impossible for monies like Naira,  cedis,  pounds,  dollar.

In addtion, you can trade TBC for other currencies e.g Naira, Dollar, Euro, Bitcoin and so on and so forth. By trading your TBC everyday or every week, as TBC appreciates in value, you make profit from that appreciated value difference from the amount you purchased it. Also, exchanging TBC for BITCOIN is another means by which you can make money, this is possible via where we buy TBC at world international price value.

Furthermore, a percentage increase in TBC alone is more than enough reason to rejoice because that makes TBC more valuable than any share in the stock exchange. It makes economic sense to invest in TBC. If you invest in the share of any country stock market, e.g the NEW YORK STOCK EXCHANGE or NIGERIAN STOCK EXCHANGE and you buy any share e.g floor mills. Lets assume you purchased a share worth 1 Million, it will take the grace of GOD for such share to give you a dividend of 100,000 in 12 months time. However, your purchase of TBC of 1million can bring a profit return of over 300,000 to 500,000 within a month. 

In addition, if you want to know if TBC is accepted alloever the world, please visit to see for yourself as you would see hundreds and thousands of trade and transactions going on live. For your information, Nigeria is not alone or the only country engage in TBC in Nigeria.

About a month ago, I heard of a rumour and still making my finding s to be certain if its true or not. Rumour has it that the United States government are trying to look for means through which their citizens can all have TBC. Think about that, if the government of USA can be making plans to enable all their citizens have TBC, do you know the current population of USA and the number of people that would join the TBC community if that happens?

One more fact to note is that TBC is more valuable than BTC i.e Bitcoin. As at today, the current price of 1TBC = 15 BITCOIN. That means , for you to be able to afford just 1 tbc, you would have to gather 15bitcoins and do you know how much 1BITCOIN is worth in your local may need to ask google or simply visit 

In addtion, Nigerians are already accepting TBC in exchange of their goods and services and some real estate firms are also accepting TBC for purchase of their land, so what are you still waiting for with all these proofs and evidences we have shown you.

If you still doubt the authenticity of TBC, you can give it a try with our platform buy buying any amount of kringles you can afford where the minimum is 100,000 kringles. Once you have purchased this from us, keep it safe and when you want to sell it, we either buy it from you or connect you to buyers who want to buy TBC from our platform.

Knowledge is power and the absence of knowldge can lead to destruction. With the right knowledge you have got from us today about TBC, you can give economic recession and poverty automatic knowkout for life. You can buy TBC and keep for the future and you can also decide to sell TBC daily or weekly and make more money for yourself with our help, the choice is absolutely yours. To buy your TBC now, kindly CLICK HERE you will be redirected to our whatsapp group where we interract with members of our community willing to buy TBC just like you.



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