Dear Valued Members,

I appreciate numerous calls and messages I received over the weekend and since the begining of this week about the role of TBC4NAIRA in the advancement of TBC goal all over the world. I am glad to let you know that we are in 100% support of The Billion Coin agreement and also , willing to do more to promote the benefit of TBC to the grassrot because that is the core essence of TBC to our society and generation.

We lunched out fully on the 1st of May, 2017 and within 31days, we have recorded a massive traffic of about 24,000 from Nigerians and the entire TBC community world wide, we want to say a big thank you for all your calls and visit to our website.

TBC is a cryptocurrency on the mission to erradicate poverty, and it has come to stay. As a beneficially ofthis currency, do not amass the wealth to yourself alone, buy TBC and sell Responsibly. The video below sheds more light on the topic at hand. The month of June would be really explosive on our platform as we expect to give out vital information about TBC and the entire TBC community on a daily basis which would comprise of both articles and videos.

Also, there would be some job vacancies coming up soon on our platform for whoever the job fits. We are not here to compete with anyone, but solely on the mission to erradicate poverty and make the TBC mandate become a reality in our lives , not in abstract, but that can be seen and felt phisically. Therefore, I would like to advice whoever is reading this article and watching this video not to sit on the fence , but rather, join hands to make the TBC dream to keep living each day at its fullness.

God has given someone somewhere the vision to establish TBC , thats all he or the group or persons behind it can do,it is left to us to join hands and make it a reality by doing what is right. The TBC dream is like a map and the more people by TBC , the more the map is shreded among us all, each one of us having either TBC or KRINGLES is having a bit of that map to lead us to the TBC goal of 1billion euro. Every single piece of map counts, every single TBCian is important and every single life out there suffering must be liberated from the firm grip of poverty, so help us God.

Warm Regards,

Joseph Erinle


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