Dear Valued Members,

Please be informed that we do not only sell TBC or KRINGLES at the current international price value, we also BUY at the international price value. We are the first platform that is activiely engaged in buying TBC at the the current international TBC value . So, If you have TBC FOR SALE, PLEASE CONTATC US. 

Please be informed as well that all those selling at discounted prices can not buy from you at the international price value, hence, it make economic sense to partner with us and exchange your TBC with a platform you can trust and which is in full allignment and in agreement with the TBC goal and objectives. We are using this medium to let all our subscibers and members of the public know that the best thing which anyone can offer you right now is TBC or KRINGLES at its international current price value.

Some countries all over the world has been observed to be selling TBC below the current international price value and this will do you absolutely no good as you may not be able to use it to purchase any good or services sooner or later when such wallet are suspended. You still have the advantage to take up the FREE KRINGLES offered by TBC GLOBAL COMMUNITY and if you do not know how to apply for this and get this free kringles, kindly contact us and we will give you full assistance on this, please note that terms and conditions apply. To get your own free 100,000 Kringles which is worth over #8,000 right now, kindly click on the image below.

Once you clik on the image above, it redirects you to a new page and if your phone or laptop has its speaker enabled, you will hear the sound of a telephone ringing, all you have to do is to click on answer on the screen and follow instructions given on the new web page. 

**Please note: This special Kringle offer is curtsey of the TBC GLOBAL COMMUNITY, however, a token is required for the setup if you can not follow the steps below to activate it yourself. Please be reminded, we are not selling this free kringles, it is a gift from the TBC GLOBAL COMMUNITY AND YOU CAN GET IT FOR ALL YOUR FAMILY MEMBERS. IF YOU CAN NOT SIGNUP AND GET IT YOURSELF, WE WILL ASSIST YOU TO DO THE REGISTRATION AND SETUP YOUR WALLET PERFECTLY. If you cant register yourself or if you need help with registraion , please click on the help button below.


  1. This is a good development coming from Nigeria. Nigerians..keep TBC burning with fire !!!

  2. I want to sell TBC. How do we go about it.


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