Please note that if you're still on your 30 days FREE Month usage of Kringle.Cash Back office  you don't have to pay for the subscriptions until your time is up. In the meantime you will notice that your back office is showing on "Your Account Tab" will not show the amount to pay in bitcoin and the address.

For those early joiners of the Kringle Cash Promo by now most of you should receive emails like with this heading "Your trial period will expire on 05/20/2017" that is the time you can pay for your Annual Subscriptions and get a chance to be in the first 10,000 members to be TESTERS.

If you just joined Kringle.Cash recently wait for 30 days Trial Period.

I would like to encourage you all to spend time reading and keeping up to date with the latest news and updates in your Kringle.Cash back office.

Thank you and I hope you all fully understand how it works.

TBC Reporter
William Otoole


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