Mother Of All Cryptocurrency- MOAC - Bitcoin

This is just a video to take us all to the past when bitcoin was being sold very cheap and many people ignored it, despite the fact that many TV stations across USA and Europe telivised the MOTHER OF ALL CRYPTO-CURRENCY .

That was then, you can not actually go back to the past, but you can secure your future with the present current rate of the Father Of All Cryptocurrencies,[ FAOC], THE BILLION COIN (TBC). Just like bitcoin, The Billion Coin will never go down, make a wise decision today, get THE BILLION COIN FROM OUR PLATFORM. Kinldy click on BUY T.B.C.above to make your purchase right away.


  1. Bamidele AnifowoseMay 4, 2017 at 4:38 AM

    This is amazing...I came across this site on Facebook and I cant believe my eyes that this is happening already. How I wish I have purchased more TBC months back when my mum told me about it, hope its not to late to buy more of it now. Please reply.


    1. Thank u for visiting our site.
      It is not late to get more coin now because we still have the whole of this year to do that.
      Be rest assure that on this platform, we are in full compliance with TBC agreement, we are poised to serve you better. You can buy and as well sell on this platform provided you comply with the daily regulated price on the Remember, TBC still appreciate by 3%daily. To place your order now, kindly visit this link

      Thank You.

  2. Please everyone, what is this platform all about. What is thebillion coin and how can i gain from it or is it a job opportunity because I don't understand.

    1. Goodluck [TBC4NAIRA ADMIN]May 4, 2017 at 11:07 AM

      Thank you for visiting our site.
      TBC is a chrypto currency meaning digital is a means of exchange for goods and services globally. To learn more, please visit to get all information about TBC.

      Thank you.


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