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Hurry up and register before it is too late


Hurry up and register before it is too late


Buy Kringles worth #20,000 and get a free gate pass to TBC Seminar and Lunch, get free lunch , win Honda CRV

Buy TBC Kringles worth #20,000 and get a free gate pass to 1st Lagos Mega TBC Seminar and Lunch.  Learn 5 untold secrets about TBC and how you can become a multi millionaire within 5 months.  Also stand a chance to win a brand new Honda CRV with other consolation prizes. Event date is 1st July, 2017. Deadline for payment is 28th June.  Entrance is strictly by gate pass. For more details,  please visit

Register for the 1st Lagos Mega TBC Seminar and Lunch

Buy Kringles worth #20,000 and register your details HERE and stand a chance to win Honda CRV.

Strictly for paid members

Dear valued members, Please Note,  the venue to the event would be sent to participants via email and text messages.  All those who pay before or latest by 28th of June would receive a text message or email to the venue with their gate pass. Participants have to print their gate pass and come along with it. 
We would not want a situation where the venue would be overcrowded by members who didn't pay, there by competing with those that paid and giving the managers more logistical burden. Thank you,

1st Lagos Mega TBC Seminar & Lunch

Dear Valued Mmebers,
We are pleased to inform you that the long awaited seminar we promised our all members of the TBC community in Nigeria is finally here. The topic for the seminar is ''TBC as an antidote for economic recession and 5 untold secrets to make you a practical multi-millionaire in 5 months '' The Seminar is set to hold on 1st of July, 2017. All participants are expected to make a purchase of TBC Kringles worth #20,000 into the bank details below:
Unity Bank
Account Name : Bethphage Business Enterprise account. 
Account Number : 0017157043
Please note: All payment should be made directly into the account above, after which , you are to proceed with your registration on our site with the details above our page [ REGISTER FOR 1ST LAGOS MEGA TBC SEMINAR & LUNCH ] Deadline for payment is Wednesday,28th of June, 2017. 

All participant would be informed of the venue to the event a week before the seminar day via text message and email. Gate pass would be sent t…

Exchanging TBC with other Fiat Currency

Dear TBC stake holders..We know that the question of how you can spend your TBC or exchange it for other Fiat Currency is what has been in minds of many. Be calm, be patient. Being a millionaire is not a day job, it takes time. *Very Soon TBC we will launch our official exchange.*We have been working all day to get Financial institutions to partner with us and so far we've gotten major banks from around the world, especially in Asia, Africa and the Americans.
We will launch this month of June.*Best advice we have for you is to at least own half of TBC or a full TBC or more.*The world will see very soon why we say we want to make many rich and reduce poverty.Thank you all future Millionaires.
TBC management*_TBC-the future currency!_*Reporter
Ariff M Izudeen

TBC Update

🚀*TheBillionCoin UpdateNow you can get 1 unit of TBC for N14,178,173.92, today  1st of June, 2017. By November 30th, 2017. (One) 1million Kringles will exchange for over €100,000 (N45,000,000.00). Imagine what you will do with N45m. Plots of land, cars, your kids education abroad, acquire properties etc. Take the advantage today. Price updates daily by 1pm Nigerian time.1tbc @ N14,178,173.92   100,000 @ N14,178.17You can also buy Kringles @ the following rates:1m   =N141,781.74
5m   =N=708,908.70
10m =N1,417,817.39
50m =N=7,089,086.96(TBC exchange to BITCOIN)
1 TBC = 15.25 BITCOIN in value.Total TBC Community Verified Members Worldwide (TVM) -
**277969**Note: Make sure you verify your membership of  thebillioncoin community. How? Click on REGISTER on the HOME page of the thebillioncoin site -  [], to register as a member before opening an tbc e-wallet.*Less than 5wks left*🗣  Make sure you encourage all your loved ones to benefit in the ongoing 90 days *100,00…

Happy New Month- Enjoy the Benefits of TBC

Dear Valued Members,

As we begin a new month today, we pray that you experience fullfilment and may all your prayers be answered according to your faith in God. This month of June, we would continue in our training on TBC and its benefits and we would also be having seminar in different locations across the country [Nigeria] to orientate and re-orientate the TBC community, allay fears and correct every wrong impression about TBC and we would not stop till every member of the TBC community in Nigeria have the right information to enable them break the vicious cycle of poverty and economic recession. Welcome to a new month of Grace and showers of blessings. 

With just 10,000 investment in TBC, you can earn over 400k after 3months.

You save 10k with Bank, it becomes 7k in 3months, You save 10k with TBC you get over 400k in 7months. Get TBC, Invest now.

Happy New Month