Exchanging TBC with other Fiat Currency

Dear TBC stake holders..

We know that the question of how you can spend your TBC or exchange it for other Fiat Currency is what has been in minds of many. Be calm, be patient. Being a millionaire is not a day job, it takes time.

*Very Soon TBC we will launch our official exchange.*

We have been working all day to get Financial institutions to partner with us and so far we've gotten major banks from around the world, especially in Asia, Africa and the Americans.
We will launch this month of June.

*Best advice we have for you is to at least own half of TBC or a full TBC or more.*

The world will see very soon why we say we want to make many rich and reduce poverty.

Thank you all future Millionaires.
TBC management

*_TBC-the future currency!_*

Ariff M Izudeen


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