Update on The Billion Coin (TBC)

We just Doubled in the Value of a TBC coin for the 27th time at € 150,083.79. We are growing fast and now have 632,441 Verified Members in the TBC community! I expect that in less than a month we will have 1,000,000 Verified Members and the Testers should all be ready by then to set up their accounts with the Fiat Bank Exchange. 

At that point, we will prove that TBC can easily be converted to a Fiat currency with just a few clicks of the mouse at full value! Most of the TBC transactions are going through and confirming in about 8 hours, at this time. Our coin development team are still tweaking the code so that it confirms faster and faster. Getting a confirmation on both the Seller and Buyer side within 5 minutes is the target we are working towards. 

Could be another week before we achieve that kind of speed. My advice is still the same, avoid doing any transactions at this time, but if you must, then make sure the Buyer understands that we still have some technical difficulties with the TBC transactions and that you fully disclose that not all transactions are getting confirmations at this time. 

Once a Buyer understands that, then and only then collect payment and give the dice a roll. If the TBC transaction fails to confirm, wait for it to cancel which could take a few days, and then try again. We are so close to getting the TBC coin network where it should be and working as one would expect from a crypto-currency. 

We here at Admin are very sorry for these technical issues, but I have disclosed in previous articles how this happened. Soon this problem will be in the past, and we will all be grateful that our coin developers have the ability to fix the TBC coin when needed.


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