Dear valued member,

Please note, this section is meant for you to sell your T.B.C coins while we will assist you in processing your sales all the way till you have your cash deposited into your Nigerian bank account. Please note, there are rules and regualations guiding our platform and we have made the rules so simple to benefit everyone and most especially , members of our platform. 

Firstly, you can not sell your KRINGLES or TBC via our platform except you are a registered member or if you have already purchased your KRINGLES OR T.B.C via our platform and willing to abide by the rules of thebillioncoin and our terms of operation here on TBC4NAIRA.

Secondly, In other to cater for all our registered members on this platform, all members here can only sell in KRINGLES and not more than 1 TBC per day or as maximum transaction limit at the stipulated international market price value of TBC.  Members with existing KRINGLES or TBC in their wallets which was not purchased from our platform should note that they can not sell above the limit stipulatedon our platform and also, such persons must obtain a Proof of Purchase from us indicating that their TBC was purchased at the international price value of TBC to enable us flush out indiscriminate purchase of TBC or KRINGLES at a discounted rate which is against thebillioncoin agreement. To know more on how to obtain proof of purchase, please see below button with respect to POP certification.

In addition and for emphasis sake, all members should please note that they can not transact more than thrice per day on the platform which must be at an interval of 3 hours between each transaction during our transaction window time frame which is between 9am to 6pm Mondays to Saturdays.

Thirdly, all members are expected to make a token as transfer to ascertain or test the recipient wallet capability to receive such coins so as not to have their transaction cancelled. to ensure that transaction is done successfully and no wallet needs repair. Any seller who transfers all the coins directly without porperly verifying if the recipent has the capacity to receive the kringles or coins does so at his or her own risk which is not refundable. A mimimum of 0.00000001 kringles is to be transfered first by all sellers to test recipient wallet address to ascertain if the wallet is not in need of repair and can receive such coins or kringles. 

Lastly, TBC4NAIRA stands in the gap as Escrow service agent between the buyers and the sellers , to ensure a smooth transaction process and to maintain proper adherance to thebillioncoin agreement. We do not want any member of our platform to violate thebillioncoin agreement. Violators of our terms and condition or that tries to interfere with the normal operation of our platform will be banned and prosecuted with due process. 

Our escrow service fee are charged directly from seller end only which is 10% of transaction value payable in cash, TBC or Bitcoin or paypal. We would like all merchants of our platform to make most transaction for escrow fee in Naira for fast confirmation, in a situation where other means are used, the current conversion rate of such currency or payment method has to be effectivle carried out and converted to naira before transaction door would be opend and this may cause some delays which we can not estimate. 

The escrow fee enables the continuous and smooth operation of our platform. All members willing to opeate via our platform must pay  the escrow fee before transactions are honoured. In a situation where a transaction fails, escrow fees would be returned back to the seller. 10% Escrow fee is payable only in Naira or US dollars to our domiciliary account for foreign



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